Technical Tinnitus using Flex:trial

Training & Digital Clinic Pack

An end to end product for full tinnitus assessment and treatment in conjunction with unitron.

£275 + vat

Technical Tinnitus training is all about how to complete the audiometric testing for tinnitus and using those results to help program the hearing aid's tinnitus module. It will also include a digital pack so all the cheat sheets, data entry and results are completed and calculated on any tablet modernising the process in your practice. This serves to simplify and build confidence in the treatment you provide. It has very little therapy treatment content, completely practical and uses the technical knowledge we already have as audiologists. This course will refresh the basics skills that all audiologists need and give you modern tools to provide a simple, yet effective service. 


It will be taught within a real-life business environment and have a strong commercial element. You will leave with all the tools and skills to confidently apply a tinnitus element to your own practice immediately. See below for details:

  1. Pre-appointment email with digital THI-S questionnaire - PDF will be emailed to clinic for easy attachment to patient file
  2. Digital appointment TFI questionnaire incorporating hearing case history - Questionnaire designed for tablets with automatic calculations and PDF 
  3. Hearing Test (not in course!)
  4. Tinnitus Audiometry with digital cheat sheets and record sheet - Cheat sheets and record sheet for use on tablet next to PC and/or audiometer
  5. Pitch Match
  6. Loudness Match
  7. Minimum Masking Level
  8. Residual Inhibition
  9. Flex:trial Tinnitus Module programming - how to tailor the tinnitus masker for the patient based on the tinnitus audiometry results
  10. Thank you for attending email with tinnitus self help PDF booklet
  11. Follow up appointment reminder with digital improvement assessment questionnaire
  12. This is NOT a TRT/CBT tinnitus masterclass! - These are the technical basics that all audiologists should be incorporating into their practice

*We use a subscription service for all tinnitus forms and questionnaires which is free for the first 6 months, then currently £6 per month to continue if you so wish.