Our Training Courses

The Hearing Lab Store is part of The Hearing Lab Group that provide audiological services to the public, audiological training to medical and health professionals, as well as audiology products to the industry. Owned and managed by audiologists, we truly understand the hearing industry and all our training courses are tried and tested by ourselves in our own work environment at Liverpool Hearing Centre.

Aural Micro Suction for hearing care professionals

Our one day aural micro suction training is a practical course for hearing care professionals interested in expanding their scope of practice.

  • Supervised by a fully insured expert in aural micro suction with their own daily practice. We have also paid for your personal indemnity insurance on the day as well with Barry Fenton Insurance so you don't have to organise your own.
  • Achieve all the supervised experience you need on the day and receive a certificate with 6.5 BSHAA points so that you can start providing treatment straight away.
  • You can order all your equipment as you make your booking or after trying everything on the course.
  • We have numerous courses every month and on-site training available at no extra cost - minimum 4 people.
Potential trainees should check with their governing bodies, registrations and societies regarding providing an aural microsuction service for the NHS, a company or independently.

Tinnitus Centres COGNITIVE TINNITUS THERAPY (CTT) Live Webinar Training Course

The Tinnitus Centres Cognitive Tinnitus Therapy model is simply the most usable method for audiologists to help people with their tinnitus today! Add to that a tinnitus patient lead generating website to bring paying clients into your clinic and you have a business in a box (lead generation is in development and is currently a free listing).


You'll receive the training, the materials and the patients for your business. You must be a qualified audiologist or RHAD as the delivery of care requires the ability to fit and program hearing aids.


CTT incorporates elements of the Audiological model (sometimes called modified Tinnitus Retraining Therapy), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and the latest guidance on hearing aid fitting for tinnitus into a programme of care that is safe, effective and straight-forward to deliver by all suitably trained Hearing Care Professionals.

Included in the course:

  • How to deliver the perfect initial full tinnitus assessment
  • How to charge for your services and make sure you get paid for every appointment
  • How to use our unique algorithm to develop individual care plans
  • How to implement the care plan using a modular approach for each appointment
  • All the materials required to apply our modules for: 
    • Sleep Hygiene
    • Relaxation
    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    • Visual Relaxation
    • Calming Breath
    • Control Exercise
    • CBT
    • Mindfulness
    • Distraction Techniques
    • Sound Enrichment
    • Effective Tinnitus Apps
  • Entry onto our tinnitus patient lead generating website tinnituscentres.co.uk
1.5 hrs 2 BSHAA CPD Points