The Hearing Lab Store really came about as a solution to a problem that we'd created ourselves due to the success of earwaxclinic.co.uk and the aural micro suction training we began providing in 2014. The Hearing Lab Store is a brand name operating under the The Hearing Lab Ltd and Earworks Limited. The Hearing Lab was conceived in 2013 by Paul Nand and today looks nothing like its original business plan. The Hearing Lab started in Broadhurst Optometrists in Preston and Lytham but the focus was moved to Liverpool as a lifestyle choice for the directors and Liverpool Hearing Centre was launched. Paul was joined by Iram Darr as a Director in 2014 and the Preston and Lytham Broadhurst operation was given to Hearing-Check Ltd to continue the good service. Whilst there are no plans to grow Liverpool Hearing Centre, it continues to expand it's services and is growing into the large premises on 'the north's Harley Street'. The centre is a testing ground for everything that is sold in the store.


Earwaxclinic.co.uk was created to generate leads for other audiology businesses but it was quickly discovered that demand for aural micro suction vastly outweighed the numbers of private enterprises offering the service. A training program was developed and accreditation was successfully sought. From the start, Paul and Iram knew that trainees would want a comprehensive package of equipment to take with them after the training. From there we've continuously added products to the store that we feel add value to our practitioners working lives. Thehearinglabstore.co.uk website was eventually created by Paul in 2016 to accommodate the growth.


Please feel free to drop by to view and discuss equipment needs, if your interested in aural micro suction lead generation and or training. We have a small friendly office and we're always happy to put the kettle on and have a chat! The address is in the footer and we are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.