Ear Wax & Hearing Aid Patient Leads

Due to demand, the ear wax removal patient lead generation is now only available to businesses who have attended our micro suction training course. Facebook hearing client leads are available to everyone.

Ear Wax Patients for Your Business

We don't just provide equipment and training. We can even direct patients to your clinic and nearly all should be paying customers. Many of these introductions lead to sales of your other services too. Let The Hearing Lab Store help your community learn about your business and put you firmly on the map. You must attend a clinic location at least twice a week.

Re-directed calls from our earwaxclinic.co.uk website are paid at £6.65 each and invoiced at the end of the month. This can be for one or multiple locations. If you're not happy with the service for any reason you can cancel them at any time as long as you give us 1 weeks notice. However, over 95% of subscribers have never left us and re-purchase again and again.

Apply for micro suction leads here

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Private Ear Wax Removal Insurance

Barry Fenton have been providing insurance solutions for the hearing healthcare profession for over 15 years and recommended The Hearing Lab Store's Aural Microsuction Training.


Barry Fenton's schemes are BSHAA, BAA and HearBuy approved and widely used by AIHHP members as well as many NHS audiologists and nurses undertaking private work.


Their Professional Fitting and Treatment Liability Insurance scheme is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance and is open to hearing aid dispensers, audiologists, hearing therapists, nurses, ear defender providers, councilors in audiology matters, etc.


For more information, please get in touch with a member of their experienced team on 01724 487718

Hearing Aid Clients for your Business

Since 2016, The Hearing Lab has successfully been generating hearing aid customers using Facebook Ads. We can provide leads from £15 with approximately 50% conversion to appointment. Facebook Ads work really well and leads are cheap but they do require more effort than say a Google search campaign. Leads generated from Facebook unfortunately also have a low attendance rate and how you manage this will determine your success. We're not really selling it are we but as a brand builder and getting into the minds of your potential and future customers, it's better than television. Facebook is a place where people go everyday and we can target our demographic and affordably run a consistent advertising campaign.

Facebook Ads for Private Hearing Care

Not only does Facebook offer the best targeting and re-targeting capabilities available, but your potential customers and their families are on Facebook - all the time. Thirty-eight million UK residents have an account and most of them use the network daily.

Why Choose The Hearing Lab for your Facebook Advertising?

Every advertising campaign has been tried and tested on our own Liverpool Hearing Centre. We've had as many success's as we've had failures and you'll benefit from our first hand experiences.  We send leads in real time as an automatic text to your mobile phone so you can contact your potential clients within seconds of them signing up for incredible effect. We offer our services on a per lead basis, with no contract required. The set up is free and you can start and stop your campaigns whenever you like. You only pay for the leads you receive.

Facebook Advertising FAQ

Mobile Facebook Lead Ad


Yes, we’ll email you a link that allows you to see exactly how it will appear in your Facebook news feed. We'll wait for your confirmation before the campaign begins to run.


You maintain complete ownership of your Facebook Page at all times. We simply request access via your page on Facebook, which means you don’t have to share passwords or lose any control.


Yes, leads will be texted to you in real time so you can contact your potential clients almost instantaneously.


We'll have a chat about what types of ads would work best for you and your business. We only need require to your Facebook page.


Think of it like a tap that you can turn on and off as you only pay for what you get. Leads will start at £15 each and increase as time goes on. This is because the more you show an ad to the same audience, Facebook will increase the cost. When the cost becomes too high, we pause the ad for a later date and start a fresh one at a lower cost per lead again.