The Hearing Lab Locums

Disclaimer: The Hearing Lab Store is merely a facilitator in helping businesses and locums contact each other. We are not responsible for checking qualifications, registrations, or performance.

As owners of a hearing centre, many of the things we do at The Hearing Lab are to come up with ways of solving our own problems. We felt that finding locums for holidays, sickness, employment gaps, etc. was more tricky than it should be so we came up with The Hearing Lab Locums.

Businesses Looking For Locums

Simply type in your postcode to find your closest listed locums. Click on the map pin to reveal the locum's information including contact information. Please feel free to then contact them directly.

The numbers on the pins represent how far the locum is willing to travel. If there is no number then he or she is prepared to travel any distance for an added fee.

Locums - Looking For Work

Click the button below and complete the form on the next page. Following a review, you will be listed on the map.


The details of what days and times you are available, how far you're willing to travel and how people can contact you will all be visible on the map when businesses click your map pin.


As well as audiologists, we invite hearing care assistants and nurses trained in ear wax removal to also submit their details too.