Equipment · 01. April 2020
Whilst it is always best to see a professional ear care practitioner, sometimes it just isn't convenient. The Hearing Lab Ear Canal Self -Clean & Maintenance Pack offers the safest next best alternative.
Equipment · 10. July 2019
The Otovent auto-inflation device is the only clinically effective, drug-free and non-surgical treatment for glue ear or Otitis Media with Effusion. 
Equipment · 31. May 2019
Flovac Liners are the gold standard of suction hygiene and will save you bags of time!
Equipment · 19. April 2019
As the major UK supplier of medical suction units to the audiology sector we were fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the Italian company CA-MI's headquarters in Parma, Italy.
Equipment · 15. April 2019
Here we discuss why you should have a documented risk assessment for your aural microsuction machine and give you the free tools to make it a quick and easy process.
Equipment · 10. April 2019
Here we investigate what CE Markings actually represent and whether there is a medical suction unit that has a specific CE Marking for aural micro-suction.
Equipment · 27. March 2019
In our own Liverpool Hearing Centre we use the Bionix OtoClear SprayWash Kit almost every day in place of an electronic irrigator. Here we explain why...