OTOvideo TM Otoscope – High-Resolution Professional Video Otoscope
Equipment · 17. June 2024
The OTOvideo TM Otoscope is designed for precise ear examinations, offering 1280x720 resolution and adjustable LED lighting for clear visuals. Its lens preheating function prevents fogging, while the wipe-clean tip reduces plastic waste and ensures hygiene. With USB 3.0 connectivity, it is compatible with Windows and MAC OS, providing a plug-and-play experience. Ideal for both NHS and private practices, the OTOvideo TM Otoscope combines advanced features with ease of use.

Chlor-Clean Detergent Sanitiser Tablets: 200 (Bag of 100)
Equipment · 28. May 2024
Chlor-Clean tablets provide dual-action cleaning and disinfection, making them ideal for healthcare environments. Certified to EN 14476 standards, these tablets ensure effective pathogen elimination. Learn more and purchase at The Hearing Lab Store.

Low-Cost Microsuction Equipment Package
Equipment · 06. April 2024
Begin your professional microsuction earwax removal service with our Ultra-Budget Equipment Package. Offering quality, affordability, it's the ideal start for new clinics and domiciliary businesses. Everything you need in one high-quality and comprehensive kit.

Cerumen Ear Hooks (Bag of 100)
Equipment · 29. March 2024
Explore the benefits of Cerumen Ear Hooks (Bag of 100) for ear care professionals. Offering precision, durability, and safety, these hooks are designed for effective earwax removal. Ideal for clinics and practices, this bulk pack ensures you're equipped for patient care. Learn how these tools can enhance your service quality and patient satisfaction.

Aluminium Reusable Noots Tank
Equipment · 28. March 2024
The reusable aluminium Noots Tank is designed specifically for professionals seeking sustainable, durable solutions. Made from corrosion-resistant aluminium and built to last, this reusable tank offers unmatched efficiency and eco-friendliness. Ideal for a variety of clinical applications, it enhances patient care with its lightweight, easy-to-maintain design. Choose the Noots Tank for a greener, more efficient clinic.

Vacsax 2L BactiClear Liner
Equipment · 27. March 2024
Elevate clinical safety with the Vacsax 2-litre BactiClear Antimicrobial Suction Liner, designed to combat harmful bacteria effectively. Perfect for healthcare settings requiring stringent infection control measures, this product provides a combination of innovative design, ease of storage, and use, along with a significant reduction in the risk of cross-contamination. It is suitable for all clinical areas and is an essential tool for professionals aiming to maintain a sterile environment.

Otovent - Treatment For Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Glue Ear
Equipment · 26. March 2024
The Otovent auto-inflation device is the only clinically effective, drug-free and non-surgical treatment for glue ear or Otitis Media with Effusion. 

Otinova Ear Spray For Professionals (Trade)
Equipment · 21. March 2024
Explore Otinova Ear Spray, a cutting-edge solution for otitis externa. Designed for easy application, this scientifically backed spray combats bacterial and fungal ear infections, offering a significant alternative to antibiotics. Ideal for swimmers, divers, and in-ear device users, Otinova ensures effective prevention and treatment of ear canal inflammations, with minimal side effects. Embrace a new era of ear health with Otinova.

Zoellner Suction Tubes
Equipment · 13. March 2024
Discover the precision of The Hearing Lab-designed Zoellner suction tubes for ear wax removal. Our blog explores their environmentally friendly design, benefits, and convenience of pre-sterilised, single-use options. Ideal for healthcare professionals, these tubes enhance safety, efficiency, and patient care in ear procedures. Learn how they provide a superior solution for ear health, ensuring a comfortable and effective treatment experience for every patient.

Foam Insert Eartips for Audiology
Equipment · 01. December 2023
Discover why foam insert eartips are becoming more popular in audiometry. Learn about the distinct advantages and some disadvantages of these earphones in providing precise and comfortable hearing assessments. Understand the importance of masking in audiometry with different earphone types and how foam insert eartips specifically aid in reducing cross-hearing issues. The Hearing Lab Store offers three sizes of foam insert eartips, ensuring superior sound isolation

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