Terms for Receiving Micro Suction Leads

  1. To receive call leads you must be a registered and qualified GP, nurse or audiologist. Hearing care assistants must be working under a supervising, qualified and registered audiologist.
  2. The clinic addresses you supply must not be your home address unless you have a dedicated clinic room with a sink. Photographic evidence will be requested.
  3. You will be invoiced at the end of the month with a statement of all calls. If you have not received a minimum of 20 leads then they will roll over to the next month
  4. Invoices need to be settled in 2 weeks or leads will stop. You will receive reminders.
  5. Patients will call a unique number on our website that will divert directly to the business line you have provided to us.
  6. All calls (with a few exceptions - see below) are chargeable at £6.65 per divert.
  7. You will not be charged for calls from duplicate numbers within 30 days. If a client calls from a different number, I'm afraid we cannot account for this and you will be charged for both calls.
  8. There will be a £50 + vat charge for changes of opening times or divert numbers. There is no charge for deleting or adding a new clinic.
  9. We will only divert calls at times when you are "open".
  10. We will not divert calls on bank holidays or between Xmas and New Year.
  11. The Hearing Lab may at any time stop providing micro suction clients without reason.
  12. You must provide The Hearing Lab with information about times when you will be unable to provide your micro suction service. A minimum of five working days notice is required.
  13. You may add any extra costs to the micro suction treatment for home visits and out of normal hours appointments but the UK website requires your standard charges for obvious reasons.