Terms for Receiving Micro Suction Leads

  1. To receive leads you must be a registered and qualified GP, nurse or audiologist. Hearing care assistants must be working under a supervising, qualified and registered audiologist.
  2. The clinic addresses you supply must not be your home address unless you have a dedicated clinic room with a sink. Photographic evidence will be requested.
  3. Once signed up, you will pre-pay for a batch of 30 leads. As soon as these are used up, you will receive an invoice for next batch of 30 leads. The difference will be refunded if The Hearing Lab fails to provide you with all the leads within a period of 6 months.
  4. Leads currently cost £8.50 + vat.  
  5. If you wish to cancel the leads you must let us know by email to info@thehearinglabstore.co.uk and once your pre-paid batch of 30 is used up, we’ll stop sending them to you and you won’t be invoiced again.
  6. Leads shall be forwarded by text to mobile and/or emailed immediately. You must give the client your contact number. You must reply within the hour or before 9.30am on next working day if client called out of normal hours. However, immediately is preferred. All leads are payable whether the client books an appointment or not.
  7. If the client calls us back because they haven’t been contacted within the hour, we will send you their details again or to another clinic if the patient requests it. Call-backs are charged at £2.50 each to cover our call centre costs.
  8. The Hearing Lab may at any time stop providing micro suction clients without reason.
  9. You must provide The Hearing Lab Store with information about times when you will be unable to provide your micro suction service. A minimum of two days notice is required.
  10. You may add any extra costs to the micro suction treatment for home visits and out of normal hours appointments but the website requires your current standard clinic fees.
  11. You may use the Ear Wax Clinic logo as part of your practice if you wish (logo below).
  12. These terms are subject to change and The Hearing Lab will inform you as they happen. If you are unhappy with any changes, please let us know and we can discuss your lead commitment.
  13. It is up to you to maintain the levels of clinical and safety compliance taught on the course that you attended. Refresher courses are available on request but it is not The Hearing Lab’s responsibility to check your progress in your own practice.
  14. There are inherent dangers in providing micro suction treatment as with all ear wax removal techniques and it is essential that your clients are made aware of this and you keep signed consent forms for as long as is necessary as laid out by your registering body.
  15. You must have personal indemnity insurance for micro suction/clinical ear care as well as your normal audiology practice and be registered with the HCPC or respective governing body.
  16. You understand that you alone are responsible for your own competence in providing micro suction treatment to your patients regardless of where you got your training and on-going support.
  17. To use off-label devices it is necessary to inform the patient that you are doing so and complete a risk assessment with regard to the equipment you are using.