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HEINE AllSpec® Disposable Otoscope Specula Tips are now made of recycled material.

We would all, of course, like to see plastic alternatives but recycling is the next best thing and it's great to see forward-thinking companies like Heine taking the initiative. This follows our own launch of recycled plastic Shea/Rosen microsuction specula and suction tubes.


HEINE is first with recycled plastic disposable otoscope tips. In close cooperation with their specialist for high-quality plastics, HEINE is the first manufacturer to successfully implement an upcycling process for ear tips where discarded refrigerators are turned into accessories for a medical device!


HEINE EcoTips are made of at least 94% recycled material. The new material has, of course, been tested extensively and fulfils all safety requirements so that you can continue to rely on the security and quality of HEINE's tips. The only visible change will be that the colour is now dark grey and not anthracite.


We encourage you to advertise that you are an environmentally conscious business/ear specialist. To help with this, we are giving away a branded specula dispenser on every order of 5000 HEINE tips or more, displaying the message "Product made of RECYCLED MATERIAL".

Frequently Asked Questions about HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips

What are HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips?

HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips are high-quality, eco-friendly ear specula designed for use with various manufacturers otoscopes, including Heine and Opticlar models. Made from recycled plastic, these tips are designed to ensure a secure fit, optimal light transmission, and hygiene during examinations, without sharp edges for patient safety

What makes HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips eco-friendly?

HEINE's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through the eco-friendly manufacturing of AllSpec Disposable Tips. The tips are made from upcycled plastic from discarded refrigerators, significantly reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 1,996 tons per year. Additionally, these tips are produced using green electricity, and the packaging is made from unbleached cardboard, printed with a single colour to minimise environmental impact

How are HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips packaged?

HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips are available in various packaging options to suit different needs. They can be purchased in dispenser packs of 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000 aand 10,000 tips. Both 2.5mm (infant size) and 4.0mm (adult size) diameters are available to accommodate patients of all ages. The packaging is designed to ensure ease of use and accessibility

Are there any compatible otoscope models for HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips?

HEINE AllSpec Disposable Tips are compatible with a range of otoscopes, including Heine and Opticlar. These tips ensure a secure fit and are designed to facilitate the best possible diagnostic outcomes