The EUHA International Congress - Worth going?

EUHA is Europe's largest, and arguably the world's best hearing healthcare conference and exhibition.

67th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians

18 Oct 2023 – 20 Oct 2023

Nuremberg, Germany


Annually in October, the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) hosts its flagship event, the EUHA International Congress. Thousands of hearing aid acousticians, audiologists, otologists, and other healthcare professionals from all over the world attend the Congress every year, making it one of the largest and most significant international events in the hearing healthcare industry.

But is it worth travelling to Nuremburg from the UK?

The EUHA International Congress provides a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and knowledge about the latest advancements in hearing aid technology, research, and clinical practice. The Congress includes a wide range of educational activities, such as scientific presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches by renowned experts in the field.


The Congress also features an exhibition, where companies and organisations showcase their latest products and services related to hearing healthcare. Attendees have the opportunity to explore new technologies, interact with manufacturers and suppliers, and learn about the latest developments in the industry.

Our Personal Opinion of the EUHA International Congress

Positives of the EUHA International Congress

  • The exhibition hall is one of the largest and you get to see products that you wouldn't normally get to see at a UK event.
  • You can buy things on the day and get some good equipment deals.
  • There's free food and drink on most of the stands and the atmosphere is very convivial.
  • Nuremberg is a pleasant place to visit with some lovely Bavarian restaurants.
  • You'll meet and speak to people involved in audiology from all over the world.

Negatives of the EUHA International Congress

  • Unless you live in the South East, it's not the easiest place to get to. We can only find direct flights from Heathrow and Stanstead. You can easily get a train from Frankfurt which more UK airports fly to. Book this in advance otherwise it'll cost as much as your flight!
  • Hotels get booked up and can become expensive so book early.
  • Many of the lectures are in German.
EUHA exhibition app


Overall, the EUHA International Congress is an important event for professionals in the hearing healthcare industry to keep up-to-date on the latest research, technology, and trends and to network with colleagues from around the world.


If you're only going for the exhibition, then one full day is all you will need. Aim for the last day to see if you can to pick up some deals on equipment and enjoy the free hospitality. The UK attendees normally get together after the event to sample what Nuremburg has to offer or you might get lucky and be wined and dined by one of the manufacturers.

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Author: Paul Nand

Paul is a registered hearing aid audiologist and proud co-founder of Liverpool Hearing Centre. With years of experience in the field and an innovative and committed approach to the audiology industry has also led him to co-founding The Hearing Lab Store, the UK's leading supplier of microsuction and audiology essentials.

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