Earol - A multi-centre, open-label, non-randomised, single-arm clinical study to assess the safety and performance of Earol in adult patients with ear wax


As the title suggests, this is a study confirming that one of the daily products that most of us use and recommend regularly in clinical ear care is safe and fit for purpose. We believe the report only reflects what most practitioners probably think about Earol and ear wax anyway but it is useful to have a full clinical study in our files just in case. You can download it below.


In our daily practice at Liverpool Hearing Centre, we haven't come across any bad reactions to Earol but that isn't to say that it has never happened or it won't in the future. It is good to know that HL Healthcare Ltd has conducted the necessary regulatory checks with regards to its excellent product.

Key Findings of The Report

There is significant clinical benefit and very low clinical risk to both the patient and the clinician during the Earol dosing process and during and after the clinical de-waxing procedure. Earol is a simple to use, safe and effective medical device which is fit for purpose for use (for its intended purpose) in both the home and clinical settings.


The technique of massaging the tragus and movement of the jaw after dosing with Earol® oil significantly facilitates the coating of the contents of the ear canal and ensures that there is limited leakage of the oil from the auditory canal.


Earol oil is highly effective at softening, loosening and breaking-up the wax deposits, lubricating and moisturising the skin covering the ear canal and tympanic membrane. This facilitates the ear wax removal procedure by allowing the clinician to easily and safely separate the ear wax deposits from the delicate skin and remove the wax deposits from the ear canal in a pain free and effective manner. Often, Earol oil has been shown to significantly reduces the ear wax occlusion prior to the clinical de- waxing procedure.


Also, Earol is highly effective at reducing itching and ear irritation and improving ear hygiene.

Download The Report Below

Earol Clinical Data Summary Table.pdf
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