What's the safest DIY ear cleaning kit?

How can we help unblock patient ears when we can't see them?

Whilst we wouldn’t normally recommend that people try to remove earwax themselves, we’ve decided to put together what we believe are the safest products to use if someone absolutely had to do it themselves.


Bionix SprayWash tips and Earol have long been used and recommended by audiologists and these are what we believe help make up the next best solution to seeing a professional. As long as the instructions and advice are followed, there should be minimal issues.


The syringe, Bionix tips, and Earol have all been CE certified for purpose and are completely safe to use as long as the included instructions are followed.


Earol Spray has a simple yet unique delivery system capable of dispensing a discrete unit dose of olive oil into the outer ear. This eliminates the need for the use of cotton wool or a dropper therefore significantly reducing any waste and spillages.

Bionix OtoClear Tips are excellent for patient comfort because of the soft, Gentle Touch Design. Three jets direct water flow away from the eardrum at 30 angles for increased safety, virtually eliminating the risk of perforation. The flared tip design prevents over-insertion into the ear canal and large exit portals prohibit pressure build-up and promotes direct drainage gently out of the canal eliminating back splash.


Personally, we would only advise the use of this pack, when it is difficult for a patient to see a practitioner, can't wait for an appointment or if a patient builds up wax very quickly and would like a DIY product to keep on top of it at home. However, there is a lot to be said about the benefits of a professional offering a non-water method of removal and being able to view the specific problem as it is dealt with.

 There are two main risks to patients syringing their own ears at home:

  1. The blockage could be made temporarily worse if the wax doesn’t come out and absorbs the oil and moisture. Therefore, creating a bigger blockage. Ultimately, the wax would still likely soften and relief would be found but there could be a period of time while the ear feels more blocked.
  2. Using any water method to remove wax either by a professional or a self-clean method always carries a small risk of infection which is why most ear care professionals would recommend the dry method of aural microsuction.

The Hearing Lab Ear Canal Self-Clean & Maintenance Pack is perfect for patients who want to prevent blockages whilst away from home on a holiday or a business trip and at any other time where they might find it difficult to get into a clinic.


Naturally, they are also a fantastic alternative option to clinics and surgeries if mobility is an issue.