Micro Cup Extra Fine Biopsy Forceps

These are a product that wasn't even on our radar until a friend of the store told us about them. Traditionally used to obtain tissue samples in esophagoscopic and laryngoscopic procedures, these are increasingly being used to remove organic matter and foreign objects from nasal and aural cavities. They feature a cup jaw providing excellent grip. 


We ordered some from a competitor and we were really impressed with the increased grip over the "crocs" but they were too thick and a bit clunky for going down the ear canal. Peripheral vision was limited and they were just a bit awkward so we concluded that the "croc-style" was ultimately a more useable instrument.


Therefore, we had them re-made with a smaller "cup" and a much thinner scissor part whilst ensuring that we retained the excellent grip. We tested them in our Liverpool Hearing Centre and we are now satisfied that we have a great new product for you. The Hearing Lab Micro Cup Extra Fine Biopsy Forceps are an instrument built for purpose.


The biopsy "cup" part is a little wider than the jaws of the crocodile forceps so they won't replace the crocs in clinical ear care for narrower canals but you certainly should add these to your kit for when you need some extra grip.